Elsie Morden is a unique motivational speaker who uses her songs to further her inspiring messages. She has already delivered over 600 presentations across Canada. Her speeches range from five minutes to one hour + a Q&A session.

Bullying & Mental Health • Women's Empowerment • Leadership & Community




She speaks from the heart, from a place of knowing and of understanding, and the audience responds to that.”

— Leanne Cater (QX 104 - Winnipeg, MB)

Elsie is a dynamic young speaker with a tremendous gift and ability to communicate through song and narrative.”

— Greg Ottenbreit (MLA - Yorkton, SK)

I was blown away, as was the whole audience, with her message, talent and the genuine warmth before, during and after the performance.”

— Leanna Estey (Teacher at South Kelowna Elementary – Kelowna, BC)

You have an incredibly powerful and important message to spread to our youth and they really connected with you through both your story and song. The session was extremely well received and rated a 9.55/10 in our evaluations. Students noted you personally and the session as a top 3 part of Catapult many times. One student said “Her voice was like an angel”, another commented “I can not get over what she went through and how she handled it and she's still here strong as ever!” Thank you for sharing your deeply emotional and personal story with our youth - it really shows them how they can find the light even in darkness. You are an inspiration to all!”

— Lori Barker (Catapult Leadership Camp - Wolfville, NS)